About A Little Blonde in Paradise



Hi, I’m Brigitte Desanne Minks!

I’m a self-made travel and lifestyle blogger, photographer and part-time wanderluster. I love inspiring others with my stories and photos from allover the world and hope it will encourage to start traveling too.

With A Little Blonde in Paradise, I show my favourite experiences and accommodations around the world, give guides and travel tips, write about my personal travel experiences and give tips on how to grow your own social media channels.

My Story? 

Traveling begun for me at a very young age. Simply because my parents showed my the beautiful world when they took me with them during their amazing trips.

The first country I visited by plane, was Italy. This is also one of my favourite European countries. My first intercontinental trip was China in 2010.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, but currently living in Barcelona. I grew up in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam, finished high school and then decided to start a bachelor at the University of Amsterdam. I have been working as a waitress in my free time, practiced a lot of different sports like Softball and field hockey and love hanging out with my friends and family. Since traveling inspired me a lot, I decided to start an Instagram account and a blog to inspire others.

This year has been a really impressive year for me, a lot of things changed in my personal life. I graduated from university in Amsterdam, decided to do an exchange in Barcelona and eventually fell in love with the city and decided to stay. Now I am starting a life here, new job, new friends and foremost, new experiences which I would love to share with you.


What is next?

Since I always dreamed of doing a master as well, this year I will probably start a master in Barcelona. Besides, I try to travel as much as possible to keep exploring and discovering our world. Some people think that I am a fulltime travel blogger, but the truth is: I am not! Even when you’re a student, living on a budget, or anything else, it is possible to travel the world and that is what I want to make clear to all my followers and readers. Traveling is for everyone.

Lots of love,